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Upcoming Commission Meetings

July 26, 2018 - Commission Meeting

First 5 Alameda County
1115 Atlantic Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501

Commission Meeting Dates and Archives

October 25, 2018 - Commission Meeting

Riverside County Children & Families Commission
585 Technology Court, Riverside, CA 92507

Commission Meeting Dates and Archives

Commission Members

Lupe Jaime


Vice Chair

Commission Ex Officio Members

Diana Dooley, Ex Officio Member
Health and Human Services Agency

Policy & Advocacy

First 5 California advocates directly to state and federal policy makers for the strong start all children deserve, with an emphasis on children prenatal through age 5 and their families, to optimize early childhood development and reduce childhood poverty. F5CA’s Strategic Plan and authority granted under Proposition 10 require First 5 California to be a policy leader and partner in order to bring innovation in children’s policy to scale throughout California.

First 5 California’s state and federal policy work is guided by its Children’s Policy Agenda and the latest in research and innovations by its First 5 partners.

In this section you will find First 5 California’s Children’s Policy Agenda, Legislation of Interest, State Legislation & Advocacy materials, Federal Legislation & Advocacy materials, Policy Recommendations including the Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth through Age 8 report, and Advocacy Tools including the First 5 Town Hall Toolkit and sample letters of support.

First 5 California’s 2018 Children’s Policy Agenda

First 5 California annually adopts a Children’s Policy Agenda to guide and prioritize all Commission state and federal legislative and regulatory advocacy, aligned to our three Strategic Plan areas.

2018 Children’s Policy Agenda
State Legislation & Advocacy
2017-18 Legislative Bills of Interest
October 2017 State & Federal Legislative Update
2017-18 Child Care Advocates' California State Budget Letter
2017-18 Governor's Budget Trailer Bill and Title 22 Proposal Response Letter
2017-18 Early Care & Education Consortia Budget Letter to Legislature
Senate Budget Request to Fund Improved Child Care Family Eligibility Policies
Assembly Budget Request to Fund Improved Child Care Family Eligibility Policies
First 5 Blue Ribbon Commission Principles Letter
2017 First 5 Letter on Repealing Licensing for School Based Preschools
Federal Legislation & Advocacy
Early Childhood and K-12 Education Organizations' July 2017 ESSA State Plan Letter to the State Board of Education
Joint States' Advocacy Letter for Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
Joint States’ Advocacy Letter for Increased Federal Investment in Early Learning Programs
Ounce of Prevention Fund Coalition’s Proposed ESSA Regulations Letter
First 5 California and Advocacy Partners’ Joint Proposed ESSA Regulations Letter
Early Childhood and K–12 Education Organizations' July ESSA State Plan Letter to the State Board of Education
Early Childhood and K–12 Education Organizations' May ESSA State Plan Letter to the State Board of Education
First 5 California and Advocacy Partners' Joint Federal FY 2017 Appropriations Letter
Policy Recommendations

First 5 California supports the development of short and long term state policy recommendations, in partnership with other organizations, in order to achieve the goals of our Children’s Policy Agenda. First 5 California is a partner in a statewide systems change effort based on recommendations from the Institutes of Medicine and National Research Council’s report: Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth through Age 8: A Unifying Foundation.

For more information, visit http://twb8-ca.net/.

Advocacy Tools

First 5 Town Hall Toolkit: Sharing the First 5 Story

First 5 California, building on the goals of our Strategic Plan, created a Town Hall Toolkit that enables First 5 county commissions to plan, create, and execute a town hall-type event designed to build public will and investment within with local and state partners within their communities.

Find sample and template letters of support for Children’s Policy Agenda bills here:

Employment Opportunities

Final Filing Date: 5/25/2018

Job Description and Duties:
Under general direction of the Chief Counsel (CEA B) and as a member of the First 5 California (F5CA) Leadership Team, serve as the Commission's Director, Fiscal Services Office responsible for the administration of all fiscal services and controls, such as accounting, budgeting, and oversight of fiscal components of statewide programs.

For more information and to apply, visit https://jobs.ca.gov/CalHrPublic/Jobs/JobPosting.aspx?JobControlId=110930